Cadwork performance



Titel Rolle Reference
"The Day We Died"(2019) 2020 Passers-by @the Synagogue Ole Christian Madsen/Creative Alliance/SF-Studio
"Ditte & Louise" (2018) 'Sexy girl' waiting for Audition  Niclas Bendixen/Nordisk Film Production A/S 
"The Rain" TV-Series, Thriller (2017) 2018 Medical Assistent
Natasha Arthy/Kenneth Kainz, MisoFilm/NetFlix
"A Fortunate Man" Drama 2017 (2019) "Lykke-Per"   Friend of Jakobe & Per Sidenius Bille August/ writer Anders Frithiof August, Nordisk Film/TV2
"Domino" /Crime Thriller, 2017 (2018.) Driver/Policewoman Brian De Palma/Petter Skavlan/Backup Films
"QEDA"/sci-fi thriller, 2015 (2017) Homeless Max Kestner SF-Film Production
"Spies & Glistrup" 2012 Electoral participation Christoffer Boe/Alphaville Productions Aps, c/o Nordisk Film Production A/S
"DK 6928" 2012 (youtube) Mother Maja Henneberg
"Marie Krøyer" 2011 (2012) Restaurant visitor, Guest varnishing w. Krøyer Bille August/ writer Peter Asmussen, SF film prod
"Edderkoppen"/"The Spider" 1999 (2000) Act/Dancer in the Nightclub Ole Christian Madsen/DR-Danish Radio and television
"Antboy" 2012 (2013) Police Woman Ask Hasselbalch, Nikolaj Archel, Nimbus Film
"Exodus" (2013) Guest at the reception Eye Candy Film Group Aps. Richard Georg Engstrøm


Titel Rolle Reference
"Efterforskningen" (2019) Preparedness/Investigation   Miso Film/Tobias Lindholm 
"Lillemand" ll (2016) Gordon's Wife (at the Concert) TV2 ZULU 2016, Small Shoes Prod./Morten Boesdal /Jonatan Spang
Talkshow Guardian council DR2
"Masterchef 2 trailer" (2012) Food fighters TV3
"Forbrydelsen 3" (2011) Policewoman DR - Danish Radio and television
"Lykke" 2011 (2012) Parent DR - Danish Radio and television
"Borgen" 2009 (2010) New minister DR - Danish Radio and television
"Livvagterne" 2009/10 Kitchen staff DR - Danish Radio and television
"Den som dræber" 2009/10 Nightclub guest/dancer TV2
"Syd for grænsen" 2009/10 Staff @ a meeting DR 2
"2900 happiness" 2009 Guest @Mayor's election rally Nordisk Film/ Nordic Films


Titel Rolle Reference
"SAS" 2019 Traveler Cph. Airport  New-Land 
"Deleøkonomi" 2019 Hands/face   Operate / Uitch Iscratch 
"Coop - Danmarks største grill" Summer guest  M2Film
"HK - "Cat Blocker"  Lectures Participant  Bacon Cph
"Tuborg/Dance" 2013 Partymaker Bacon Cph
"Arla Foods Fonden" Trailer Mother Co & Høgh/Nikolaj Schierbeck
"VILA" (2012) Instrumental in commercial/fashionshow Bacon Cph -A/S, Dir. Martin Werner
"Stone chips" (Codan) - April/2012 Guest @ a Birthday party Codan/Spoiled Productions/SVT - Swedish television

Fashion Show

Titel Rolle Reference
Fashion Week, Ro's Torv 2017 Model Production / Cast Two, Maria Christina Jarltoft
Child/parent Parent Modelhouse Production, Maria Christina Riel Jarltoft
New Photoshoot April, 2012 Entertainment Modelhouse Production, Maria Christina Riel Jarltoft
Fotoshoot 2012 Model Modelhouse Production, Maria Christina Riel Jarltoft


Titel Rolle Reference
"Umpa-Lumpa" Dance, Oreby Castle, Aug. 2017 Dancer Love2Dance/Fritz Wehner
"Novo Nordic global seminar/ 2013 Opening danceshow, Bella Center, Surprise Dance Love2Dance
"Love2dance Show" 2017 Dancer: Thriller, 101 Dalmantin, Bandits Chairdance Fritz Wehner/Michelle Maria Sørensen
"Love2dance's final Show" 2016 Dancer Love2dance/Fritz Wehner


Titel Rolle Reference
Niklas ("Veninder") Anna David ("Ukendt Land") DJ Alexander Brown & Uhre ("Hallelujah) Live@Club Awards 2016: With Alexander Brown & Uhre ("Hallelujah")
"Communions Music Video" 2017: Acting/Karaoke - #Muse (song:It's like Air) Band: Communions/director:New Landar 2017
 "Johnny Deluxe"Music Video 2107,  Dancing/acting Title:("er du hos ham nu") Johnny Deluxe, A Drenna Production 


Titel Rolle Reference
IQOS 2017 & Communication Consultant Philip Morris Int./Blond Event Marketing
Event (Irma) 2013 Birthday Event girl Blond Event Marketing & Communication
Event (Irma) 2012 Birthday Event girl Blond Event Marketing & Communication


Titel Rolle Reference
"Bartender" 1997/98 Bartender @ barock/skipperkroen - Nyhavn Streckers

Performer Skills

Performance Skills: Dancing, Improvisation, Singing, writing, poems
Athletic Skills: Volleyball, Bowling, Golf, Baseball, Waterpolo, triathlon, run, cycling, combat, diving, StripFitness, Salsa, Merengue, Tango, Aerobics, Dance, Track & Field, Boxing, Ice Skating, Rollerblading, Gymnastics, Swimming, Cycling, Basketball, Tennis, Football, Weight Lifting, Snow Skiing, Soccer, Yoga, Ice Hockey, Softball
Accents: Scandinavian
Spoken Languages: English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish
Musical Instruments: Guitar
Dance: Salsa, Tango, Modern, Club/Freestyle, Disco


The National Film Actors Academy of Denmark Course: 2019

Tell To Joy Art Theatre:Open Workspace Art of Acting2014 inCopenhagen/Denmark

Lola Cohen - The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute– Master Teacher Lola Cohen

Viktor Melnikov*– Artistic Director

The Danish National School Of Performing Arts/Continuing Education, Copenhagen, Devising, Caroline MacSweeney, 2013 Devising is a method that enables you to generate material without a completed text as a starting point. To work together actively in order to find a common expression. Any theme can be chosen.Devising is physical playwriting, where the starting point is to create a performance through a collaborative and investigative process, working from ground zero together on a theme, concept, image or story that demands to be told. A process then follows of exploration and experimentation of content and form.

The Danish National School Of Performing Arts & Contemporary Dance, Education , Copenhagen, The Poetry of Motion , Kirstie Simson, 2013
Focus on exploring uninhibitedly the huge potential of the body’s response to the primal urge to move, inspired by deep energies released through human interaction, physical challenge and through the excitement of discovering new territory, new sensations and a daring to go beyond inherent ideas of limitation. Classes draw from knowledge of contact improvisation, dance techniques, Aikido, meditation and the experience of improvisation in performance. In recent years Kirstie’s focus has been directed towards the art of deep listening within her practice of improvisation.


EXODUS SciFi Movie, Support-act in the Pilot Trailer, Teacher: Kenneth Carmohn, Ditte Maria Le-Fevre and more, Maria Christina Riel Jarltoft, Worked as Creative consultant, 2012 and player:

Contact information on work references, is available upon request, Work references contacts

Marie Krøyer,

Employment Details

Work History: Television, Film, Commercial
Job Categories: Acting, Writing
Are you willing to work unpaid?: No
Authorized to work in United States: Yes
Primary Citizenship: Denmark
Valid Passport: Yes
Prior Job Title 1: "Spies & Glistrup" 2012/13
Prior Job Title 2: The Passion of Marie proc. 2011 in cinema: (2012)
Prior Job Title 3: "Antboy" 2012. (2013)


Salary is to be discussed when knowíng of detail's on the project.

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